The Business Club


We are taking on the world of corporate wear. Gone are the days of badly fitting and synthetic uniforms, to be replaced by tailored suits. Because every pilot should radiate confidence, every waiter should embody discretion and every footballer should celebrate victory in style. We will design a look that is inspired by your organisation’s shared values and that reflects your corporate story, creating unity where it is needed most. A uniform should be comfortable, command respect, and be worn with pride.


We will guide you through the process from fabric choices to finishing touches. We’ll come to measure your team and can even supply you with an ‘Iron Stock’ that comprises extra jackets, pants and skirts as replacements or for new team members. These can quickly and easily be tailored to fit the team member in need of a new item. Alternatively, join us in Naples for the full blooded Italian tailoring experience. Wardenburg Bespoke Tailors’ innovative approach makes Italian tailoring accessible to all.


Whether you prefer meeting in the privacy of your home or office, or are staying in a hotel during your travels, we will come to wherever you are.

Meet your Private Tailor.



Break free from the constraints of the seasons and design your own line. We are masters of construction and will help you produce your perfect capsule collection.

Create your Own Designs.


We love collaborations and work with various artists to create the most sensational lining fabrics. Discover our artists or introduce your own!

Unique Lining Fabrics.

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